Helder Tsinine

Kina Zore is an invitation to dance. The project was brought about to share the music of Mozambique with the world and also, celebrate happiness with the world because life is too short and we need to live it and make the most of it while we can. I am originally from Maputo Mozambique and I moved to Boston in 2007, while in Boston I wanted to share my cultural heritage with the world and music was the perfect channel for me to do it. The music that I write comes from experiences lived growing up and also as a traveling man. during my childhood Mozambique was affected by civil war that ended in 92. Experiencing movement of the people running away from war,getting shelter at my parents house, and others who were willing to help those in need of a roof during those critical times, family member being taken away and some killed by the rebels, those experiences inspired me to write the music that we play and share with the world with a hope that we can all live in peace and let the children can grow in peace with a healthier lives and better education for the future generation.